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Today, I will introduce free and paid SEO group buy tools to analyse your positions, keywords, backlinks to your website, your competitors, make partnerships more easily …The first part dedicated to the paid tools is intended rather to SEO agencies, freelancers or independent managing large site networks. The second part, dedicated to free tools should interest all SEO, especially those new to SEO and those who do not necessarily have the means to invest in some very expensive tools.

Paid Tools: what use and what cost?

To track positions

Use good reliable position monitoring tools and continuously improved at a cost: Moz costs $ 99 / month (300 keywords but a lot of tools available)Ranks amounts to 20.80 € / month (250 keywords) and you will pay € 33.25 / month on MyPoseo (300 keywords). Apart from these three tools, there are also Yooda and Advanced Web Ranking that seem to be not bad, they are in the form of software, but I do not know enough to recommend them.

For analysing backlinks

Regarding the analysis of backlinks of a site, there Majestic SEO and Ahrefs I consider the two most complete and reliable tools to date, the first costs 40 € / month for its offer Silver and the second costs $ 79 for offering Pro . Finally, there is also Open Site Explorer which is not bad, but adapted for the US market (included in the offer of Moz). And these three tools are complementary for an SEO agency is a real plus to combine them.

For the analysis of keywords

Updated February 11, 2014:Revealed on the French market February 6, 2014, SEO Cockpit represents to me the keyword analysis tool most complete and effective to date. It provides the other of other features such as monitoring positions (Rank Tracker) and project management. It is ideal for analysing a niche and its potential with many details. Offer Pro returns to 60 € / month.

I also advise SEMrush which amounts to $ 70 / month, or even better Yooda Insight, less expensive (39 € HT / month) and more efficient for the French market. I spoke last month , offers us a tool Moz very handy for quickly diagnose multiple keywords (up to 10 simultaneously): keyword Difficulty Tool . It is included in the package Moz. Finally, there Market Samurai (software) that is fairly complete, and costs $ 149 one-shot.

Useful tools for SEO

RDDZ Scraper

That’s not counting other useful tools that can save you precious time: Ereferer (directories), MyNextSEO(manage net linking) RDDZ Scraper (scrap tool), Linkody (check for your backlinks) or access to the most comprehensive list of directories and PC regularly updated. And this is only a glimpse, there are still many SEO tools and services that could help you in your Sealift you work for yourself, whether agency or independent, I urge you to take a look at these tools that will save you valuable time and make you more efficient. Investing in these tools can seem quite expensive at first but it is actually very cost effective to run. How much you would it cost to develop these services in-house? Certainly much more than that! Clearly, investing in such tools is essential for web agencies or independent that many customers and / or managing many sites.

Buying expired domain names

Develop its network of sites (generalist and thematic blogs) becomes increasingly important for SEOs, so it should go to a good start with expired domain names. For this, you can order in specialized platforms such as Dom Raider , KifDom , AdopteUnDomaine and Dratar.

Free tools: for whom? Why?

Now, if you start in SEO and you only have a few sites to reference, so it is not necessarily required to invest all your resources in these tools. I will present here free tools, they often do not amount paid services, but they may prove to be as convenient without having to reach for his wallet. By the way, I want to thank the creators of these tools, thanks to guys like you that many people were able to take off 😉

For monitoring positions

As software, there ProRankTracker , SEO Soft and SERP Lab  which are popular and which I highly recommend. Finally, there is the famous Positeo for manually checking the positions of a site on a particular keyword depending on the language and country. Unlike the other two tools, Positeo does not allow for automated tracking, we must go back whenever you want to know the positions of a site on a keyword.

For analysing backlinks offers an interesting analysis of backlinks free service, it does not amount Majestic SEO or Ahrefs, but its free, it is excellent Google Webmaster Tools also lists backlinks to your site, but I find the rudimentary tool. Finally, you can also take a look at Backlink Watch

If you cannot afford to buy these expensive tools then you can buy all these tools at cheapest cost by visiting Seo group buy  or group buy seo website 🙂 . You can get access to more than 20+ tools at the cost of $27 per month

For the analysis of keywords

for that, there are not 36 solutions: you can use the free version but limited SEMrush that can give you an overview of a keyword or domain. There is a very useful keyword tool from Google Ad words , which allows to know the number of average monthly requests in the World and in a geographical area, competition in the paid listings from Google and the CPC

Other free tools useful in bulk

Still on specialist monitoring positions, it offers us a tool Sandbox to determine if the site is completely sandbox but also a Serpomètre which indicates a turbulence index SERPs.Still in the analysis of duplicate content, the most popular is definitely the tool Checker Positeo that is efficient and fast.

To check for links posted to your partnerships, other free solutions available to you such as: Link Hunteror the free version of Linkody which is only limited to one website and 50 ties. If you want a free spinning software, I recommend effiSpin directed by Cédric Girard.

ScreamingFrog SEO is a full crawler that can retrieve a lot of useful information on a site, it is available in free .For those interested in the behaviour of Googlebot, Jean-Benoit Moingt proposes on his blog SEO logs analyser, the Watussi Box , and a small program to generate a report of SEO crawl, the Watussi Report .To achieve partnerships in the form of exchange of articles or links, you can count on Weblog is a free platform for life or Echangeo, which has a free trial of 3 months. To conclude this list of free tools, I invite you to (re) discover the footprints generator custom, Xenu to find expired domain names,  Übersuggest allowing you to find similar keywords around a word or a given expression (like the keyword tool from Google Adwords), Merge words to combine words, Bulk PageRank to check the PageRank of its sites simultaneously (up to 500), with its fields Toolki filler: Form Filler Bookmarklet and generator happy spinning basic but at multiple levels. There are many opportunities that I forgot some very useful tools {|} practices in this article, so if you think they deserve their place here, so feel free to post a comment, it’s free and there is a BL do follow the key 😉 If liked this article or if you discovered you something useful with it, feel free to share it on social networks, it could be used to more.

SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools  SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools  SEO group buy tools

SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools  SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools SEO group buy tools  SEO group buy tools